"Rob is a thoroughly modern creative and creative leader. An excellent writer and conceptualiser, Rob creates ideas that operate across platforms and are genuinely channel agnostic. He knows how to develop ideas that work, gain attention and get results. I know this because I've had the pleasure to work alongside Rob twice in my career. He's smart, passionate, with a wicked sense of humour and motivates and supports those around him. Plus he's a thoroughly decent and likeable human being. I hope I get the chance to work with him again."
Anthony Gregorio
Partner, Tumbleturn Marketing Advisory

"Creatively, Rob is one of the calmest and smartest operators I have had the pleasure to work with."
Michael Ritchie
Co-founder, Revolver

“Rob Martin Murphy is that rare breed of Chief Creative Officer who is an excellent strategist. Smart, lateral, deliberate. Moreover, Rob understands that exceptional work is the benchmark. But work that drives a sales result is the gold standard. I’ve always loved working with Rob and know that when he is at the table, he brings his A-game. The added benefit is that Rob is without ego. Great on collaboration. Great on making it fun. These qualities combined, makes Rob a great choice for any brief."
Rose Herceg,
President, WPP AUNZ

“You always want to work with people who care about the work as much you do. Someone who goes above and beyond to learn, listen, and then put their unique creative spin no matter the challenges. Having Rob with us was a pleasure. He can settle any storm with total class. He will always be part of our family.”
Vince Lagana
Co-founder/CCO, It's Friday

"Rob is a highly curious and motivated person, always willing to push ideas as far as possible and not afraid to fail if it means finding a better result. If you want a creative partner to help you crack juicy business problems, then I recommend you get him on the case."
Markus Barnikel
Co-founder, Eisbach Partners
"Rob is a passionate, strategic and inspiring thinker who takes the time to really understand a brand and a brief before putting pen to paper. He always has one eye on the commercial imperatives, whilst ensuring his creativity flourishes and he consistently delivered great creative in the six years I worked with him on the Skins business."
J'aime Brierty
Global Brand Manager, eo

"Rob's genius is matched only by his baldness."
Completely unprompted, apparently 

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